Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover

WORK-LIFE BALANCE is the equilibrium between personal life and career work

  • We enable organizational excellence through life-work balance and happiness at work
  • Covid-19 has impacted negativelly private life and business
  • To invest in prevention is better than not to
  • By combining our data-driven methodology and human-competences we achieve measurable and faster results (Assisted by A.I. Engine)


  • Matrix-Q Research Institute: ” Human Potential, and the Code of Nature  ” 
  • 1993-2021 Multidisciplinary research, by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, founder Matrix-Q Ecosystem

” Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover ” – L.D.M.F.

WORKSHOP (Remote) Work-Life Balance 101

  • Turn your life into balance, joy and vitality in 9 days ( 9 Sessions x 40 min )
  • A tailor-made program. We will choose the techniques, and skills that matches your current needs
  • Coaching-Training: is integrated to the learning process

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Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Has developed the Matrix-Q Work-Life Balance system, out of his research studies in human potential and the code of nature, since 1993. Multidisciplinary research on nature inspired knowledge, technology and human development practices of ancient cultures and civilisations.

Luis is the main Coach-Trainer of Matrix-Q Work-Life Balance, and Mentor of new coach-trainers in the process of acquiring the knowledge, skills, certificates and licenses to facilitate Matrix-Q Work-Life Balance Services

Luis has several years experience as holistic-coach trainer (1993) : Yoga, Meditation, Conscious Breathing, Self-awareness, Martial Arts, Bow & Sword, Performing Arts, Body-Arts, Dance & Theatre Improv, Sound-Awareness, Life-Span, Brain GYM, Leadership-Games, Team-Building, Non violent communication, Co-creativity, collaboration, Stress (trauma)-release, Body-Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, Intuitive massage, Energy-Balance, Vitalization & Fitness

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  • Coaching Training sessions are provided online (Remotely)
  • And at the Forest of Rhenen (Utrecht region) The Netherlands.
  • We also provide smart applications, e-learning, and tools to collaborate with your journey.
  • For full-day or weekend coach-trainings, we may rent a venue (hotel) with suitable services for our attendees
  • Workshops and courses may be mostly provided outdoors
  • Knowledge, information and advise is provided online, with remote sessions
  • Immersive work-life Balance training is provided at the Matrix-Q House, in which our guests live together with 2x Matrix-Q Coach-Trainers, while engaging in normal work routine, receive also scheduled onboarding coaching-training and outdoors activities. 
  • Forest-Bathing : Group-Coaching Training outdoors in nature, with focus in stress release, regeneration and emotional balance.

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  • Along the coaching-training sessions our customers find a safe place to reconnect to what they need the most in their life, for themselves.
  • The sessions are tailor made to the group or individual process.
  • We will include activities and techniques that are fun, enjoyable and interesting for you.
  • With each of these experiences, we will produce the same outcome.
  • The Matrix-Q Methodology is that powerful, that the essence of the process we facilitate, may take any form, adjusted to the customer lifestyle and mindset. 
  • The goals of the coaching-training are set in advanced after completing an assessment session. 
  • Our aim is to accelerate the learning curve, and bridge the skills and knowledge gap, with a very pragmatic focus: to solve pressing issues our customers give priority to

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The global culture, civilisation and nature in our planet is changing

In our modern times, humanity needs also a change that creates the feeling of safety, balance and purpose.

  • Change is a natural principle in life
  • As it happens to everything that surround us, from nature, to economy, knowledge, to our own mindset, emotions, thinking and behavior.
  • Along the last 10.000 years, humanity, culture and civilisation, has changed, and with it our planet has changed to
  • In the last 300+ years, linear thinking has misguided the industry creating waste, resource depletion, climate change, human inequalities and the extinction of millions of species
  • The approach today for governance and business, is that of taking responsibility for the impact the human footprint created in nature, societies and economies, aiming from zero to a positive impact
  • Innovative technologies also change our working and living environments, and challenge us to learn new skills and acquire new knowledge
  • Along covid-19 pandemic we have also experience how our self-reflective mind have brought to us questions like: What can I do, what do I need, how can I contribute, where can I go from here…
  • The stress levels, mental-health issues, and in general the feeling of vulnerability among the population and in particular in leadership levels has increased.
  • Self-awareness is in this time one of the most important abilities we can cultivate, and strengthen, to be able to self-orient ourselves based on what is really happening with us, learning how to move forward but also to keep a balance in our body, emotions, mind, spirit, work, private life, and personal journey
  • To invest in prevention is better than not to
  • The Matrix-Q Work-Life Balance, coach-trainer will collaborate with you recover/achieve the feeling of safety, purpose, balance and achievement, self-confidence, self-care, self-love, joy and happiness you need to fuel, ground yourself, and acquire the necessary skills for your journey, your personal life, professional career and business. 

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  • We enable organizational excellence through life-work balance and happiness at work


  • Organisations create a safe, nurturing, & purposeful environment for employees to carry their duties and return back home to their families, daily, with higher energy and capacity to give proper quality of time to their beloved ones.
  • Work life balance = work + lifestyle + family + community + nature (positive impact) in balance


  • By combining our data-driven methodology and human-competences we achieve measurable and faster results (Assisted by A.I. Engine)


  • Matrix-Q Knowledge: The Code of Nature, the mathematics of proportions, behind all that is in nature.
  • A code that can also help us understand and unleash the human potential, the human evolution, emotions, thinking and doing.
  • An algorithmic knowledge that we can use to measure, predict, enhance and optimize human capacity, towards work-life balance, happiness at work and personal realization.


  • To enable in every attendee to our programs the capacity to acquire and apply the knowledge, skills, tools and methods with autonomy. 
  • To strengthen and cultivate our adaptive capacity, creativity and positive mindset 
  • To prevent burnout, mental health unbalances, and frustration at work
  • To facilitate a personal journey necessary to find balance, purpose and happiness at work


  • Certified Matrix-Q Professionals members of the Matrix-Q Guild.
    • Matrix-Q License Holders, Associated Consultants, Innovators & Entrepreneurs
    • Learn more about our drivers and about the Matrix-Q Guild


  • We encourage personal leadership
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Happiness at work
  • Family-Work Balance
  • Self-awareness
  • Holistic Lifestyle
  • Long Life Learning
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Social empathy

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