Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover

‘ The rhythm of the drum, in synch with the pulse of your own heart, to orient yourself in your life or business journey ‘ – The Matrix-Q algorithmic method for self-orientation


  • Optimize your self-orientation capacity 300%
  • Accelerate learning 200%
  • Enhance your adaptive capacity 80%
  • Improve your ability to listen to your own heart, emotions, body and intuition 300%
  • Level-Up your emotional-intelligence 
  • Learn new methods, tools and techniques (Certificates Included)


  • Provided remotely and/or outdoors


  • Weekly sessions (workshops 40 min) designed to enhance your capacity to release stress, reach a peaceful, balanced, emotionally comfortable and positive mindset
  • Advance your emotional intelligence, adaptive capacity and creativity
  • Daily sessions  (9-18 min) to reinforce the acquired knowledge in the workshop and develop the new skills suggested
  • e-Learning: with practical exercises and guidances for all levels of the practice


  • 3 hours
  • Matrix-Q Drumming fundamentals (Drumming circle)
  • Matrix-Q Self-Orientation Tool 
  • Drumming Circle combined with conscious breathing
  • Exploration in 9 fields of emotional intelligence, skills, and human competences
  • Guided e-workbook (diary) workshop: self-orientation (Self-assessment, self-coaching)
  • Matrix-Q Algorithmic Methodology 
  • BONUS: Matching your skills & mindset with the 17 SDG’s  


  • 3-5 hours hikes in the forest
  • Includes 2-3 sessions practice Matrix-Q Breathe
  • Meditative walking
  • Matrix-Q Drumming gamified workshop outdoors 40 min
  • Group-Coaching


  • Online social network, to share experiences and insights with other attendees


  • We also create special activities, adjusted to the needs of our guests
  • After a capacity assessment session, we will choose together, the methods, trainings, and activities that are more suitable.
  • We tailor-made the program, to collaborate with you achieve your goals faster.

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