Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover


Your company is a living organism, which evolves thanks to its collective (human, business culture) intelligence: capacity of creativity, adaptation, leadership, sustainable development and growth. 

  • A diversity of daily business events challenges your organization immune system, capacity of self-repairing and regeneration, security, safety and stability.
  • Do you know the the capacity (status) of your organization immune system to respond to daily business threats?
  • Your human capital, may hold a subconscious capacity or potential, eventually also the necessary skills and knowledge, awareness and adaptive capacity, to react in time to threats. But not all threats are perceived, unless exposed.
  • From human capital, to legal, organization development,  strategy, leadership, growth road-map, systems and technology; if your organization does not have in place a conscious and operative immune system, then you are vulnerable.


A process oriented service, in which step by step we tailor-made a sustainable solution that will ensure:

  • Sustainable Growth
  • Resilience Capacity Enhancement
  • Collective Emotional Intelligence in your team
  • Life-Work Balance skills as strategic asset of your organization


  1. Assessment of vulnerability points
  2. Strategic Strengthening of the Organizational and human (employees) immune system
  3. Innovation, Trapped value release with focus on Life-work Balance and Happiness at work
  4. Corporate Intelligence Report

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