Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover


  • Coaching-Training provided remotely
  • 9+x Sessions 40 Min
  • Includes e-learning program


  • One of the biggest challenges humans are facing is feeling Happiness.
  • Matrix-Q has designed a unique system to balance your professional and private life and reach the Happiness everyone dreams of.

  • The Matrix-Q Wheel of Happiness will help you measure, enhance, predict, optimise your happiness capacity

  • Happiness is the sparkling power-house, you need to achieve your goals and realise your dreams.
  • Happiness at work, quality of life, family-life-work balance, health prevention, start with the right mindset and the development of the capacity of happiness.

  •  The capacity to exercise daily happiness is the bridge you need to thrive, unleash your full potential, realise your vision, purpose and passion


  • Remote learning sessions offers you a safe experience online
  • A Matrix-Q remote coach-trainer will guide you in the application of the methods and ensure your capacity will evolve to the level of happiness and realization you need to create for yourself 


  • After a capacity assessment session, we will choose together, the methods, trainings, and activities that are more suitable
  • We tailor-made the program, to collaborate with you achieve your goals faster
  • We are able to facilitate 9 techniques for happiness.
  • We will choose the techniques that are more in resonance with your current skills and capacity.


  • People that have purchased the Happiness Program refer how this program has identified and transformed their core.
  • It is an eye opener for who they had become and key to realize the attitudes, behaviors, ways of thinking that were blocking them to overcome insatisfaction and achieve what they wanted.
  • Matrix-Q Life-Work-Balance has designed a unique and effective process that guides people on their quest, helping them to create the necessary balance between work, profession, private life, and personal development.
  • One of the tools, the Wheel of Happiness is a tool that is limitless in it’s possibilities: will help you measure, predict, enhance, optimize your happiness capacity and can be used for the rest of your life!

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