Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover


  • Provided remotely
  • 9+x Sessions 40 Min


  • We realize daily that human emotions influence our mindset, perception, communication, collaboration, and performance.
  • You can improve time and process management, by understanding the role your emotions and mindset plays in daily activities and choices.
  • With the Matrix-Q Time Management Tool we measure, predict, enhance and optimize your capacity to utilize 9 types of emotions, to improve your daily  performance
  • Matrix-Q Methodology helps you harness emotional intelligence, and nature cycles,  to strengthen, and cultivate a creative and adaptive mindset, and the capacity of time management.
  • The question is about high level performance is not about why, nor what, nor who, but when nd the emotions that were involved in the process, perception, decisions, creativity and actions


  • Remote  learning sessions 
  • A Matrix-Q remote coach-trainer will guide you in the application of the methods and ensure your capacity to manage time and emotions will evolve to the level of self-management and effectiveness  you need to create for yourself 


  • After a capacity assessment session, we will choose together, the methods, trainings, and activities that are more suitable
  • We tailor-made the program, to collaborate with you achieve your goals faster
  • We are able to facilitate 9 techniques for emotions-self-awareness and time-management
  • We will choose the techniques that are more in resonance with your current skills and capacity.


  • Customers that attended the training sessions and coaching experience an increase in effectiveness, efficiency, and overall performance.

  • Leaders have experienced results in a matter of days, after utilizing our tools.
  • For strategic management the outcome has proven to be extremely beneficial for organizations, to enhance collective intelligence, collaboration, communication, resilience and sustainable growth.

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