Your uniqueness is the solution for a challenge we are about to discover

‘ Emotions, perception and behavior change, can help us trigger dormant DNA and activate the skills and capacity we need today ”  > Bruce Lipton


  • Life-work balance capacity enables high performance
  • Preventive-health mindset, happiness in own private life as well as happiness at work ensures endurance
  • Life-work balance, is the foundation you need in order to transform challenges into opportunities to unleash your individual potential, and organzation’s collective intelligence.

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  • After many years of multidisciplinary reseach (1993-), The Matrix-Q Research Institute has developed an effective and unique method that goes to root causes of your situation.
  • Instead of long intakes and talking sessions we use simple tools with great impact.
  • Tools that helps us understand how your brain, conscious and subconscious are interacting with each other and how you are limiting yourself.
  • After measuring we predict, enhance who you are NOW and optimize who you can BECOME
  • We help you unleash your potential, enjoy the qulaity of life you prefer for yourself, and be happy

” The next generation leaders bridge the life-work-balance gap “

  • Acquire new skills and develop a balanced life. 
  • Release the trapped value in your private life and in daily business activities
  • Unleash your potential! and Thrive!


  • Our holistic e-tools (smart applications) helps us in reduce the time necessary for the assessment process in 90%
  • Human holistic competences are combined with data-driven methodology in order to obtain faster measurable and sustainable results
  • The Matrix-Q Methodology for accelerated learning, thinking and behavior change helps our customers to reach their goals and complete milestones 200% faster
  • We deliver results within 9 min

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  • Balance in nature’s ecosystems ensures life sustainability
  • A similar idea applies when we observe human-life, the history of events, habits, choices and patterns of the the individual’s life, the life of communities, and the development of organizations
  • The art of keeping balance between private life, family, social, activities outdoors, community, creativity, work, and business creates a foundation for success.
  • Holistic life work balance as culture of an organization, enables collective intelligence, resilience and sustainable growth.

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  • Our unique methodology for REMOTE LEARNING enables experiential learning
  • Learning to acquire new habits, skills and knowledge, by doing, exersicing techniques and methods, with the guidance of a professional coach
  • Human empathy and connection, heart-based communication
  • Empowerment through self-love, appreciation, care, joy and gratitute for life

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